Myanmar Handicrafts : Gold and Silver Smith

myanmar silver smith handicraftInlay region in the southeast of Shan State in Myanmar gets its fame from the presence of a large natural lake island in the midst of her as a brilliant emerald. The native Intha and Inthu the region are simple people love peace, but also persistent, patient and painstaking. Perhaps the reason we are in the many famous pop region for the quality of its diversified Myanmar Handicraft product cottage industries. Enterprises weaving, pottery, blacksmith, goldsmith, still thrive todayRead More »


Silver Smith in Myanmar

myanmar silver wareMyanmar was an ancient silverwork industry prior to the 13th Century. Loyalty counselors and helpers’ are customarily used in the back bowls of gold and silver, as a reward for the royal family untouched. Only ministers, generals and rich citizens, which is used as the front and silver items, boxes, bowls, flower pots and spittoons, knife sheaths, was a symbol of wealth and materials for the signs and the Silver King belts. Could not afford the monks and Buddha statues and tools used for the poorest, silverware and silver altarRead More »