The Shwedagon Sadi in Yangon

shwedagon sadiThe most notable building in Yangon is the Shwedagon Pagoda, a large Buddhist monument in the form of cone that crowns a hill about a mile north cantonment. The pagoda itself is a solid brick stupa (Buddhist reliquary) that is completely covered with gold. 326 ft (99 m) is built on a hill 168 feet (51 m) above the town.Read More »


7 Places you should visit in Myanmar

┬áDon’t miss these 7 places when you come to visit Myanmar,


shwedagon pagoda at yangonThe former capital, and remains the largest city of Myanmar (Burma), Yangon is a heady mix of colonial, commercial and spiritual. Feast your eyes on the amazing Shwedagon Pagoda; feed their habit of shopping in the great variety of traditional arts and crafts of Myanmar; enjoy a warm welcome by the inhabitants Longyi resistant. Yangon is in the far south. Chances are, you will start here.Read More »