Inscribe in palm leave

palm leave inscriptionMyanmars ancient documents written on slabs of sandstone and bronze. Gold plated. palm leaves and parabaik or writing tablet paper. fabric or metal recording accordion folds.Palm leaves are usually made in Corypha palm leaf with the stylus. Palm leaf entries are made in Corypha palm leaf punch or palm leaves is more common.Read More »


Toddy Palm Leafs in Myanmar

myanmar toddy palm leafHighland Toddy palms grow in many parts of Thahton, Bilin and Townships Kyaik Hto Mon State, south-eastern part of Myanmar. The local population making a living. Toddy palm leaves into useful utensils Highland. Including sewing palm leaves for roofing is the most important. At 7, the highlands of palm can support 30 to 40 branches per year. Cut the stem of the base sheet and remove the stem. Tear them into 2-4 parts depending on the size and battery in two from the corner and the middle portions of the leaves.

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