Myanmar Traditional Orchestra

myanmar traditional orchestraMyanmar Music account any “Pwe” may be rather strongly due western ears accustomed to enjoy.
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Myanmar Traditional Wedding

myanmar traditional weddingBurmese traditional folklore considers love to be the target, such as the type destiny Hindu god Brahma in love to a child when he or she is six days old, called Na-Hpuza ( Qupid ). A wedding in Burma can be religious or secular, extravagant or simple. Traditionally, a marriage is recognized with or without ceremony when longyi man hanging from a rail of the house or if the couple eating the same dish looks like. Gifts are usually unknown, and arranged marriage is not a custom of Burmese.

Weddings are traditionally avoided during the Buddhist Lent, which lasts three months from July to October.
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Inscribe in palm leave

palm leave inscriptionMyanmars ancient documents written on slabs of sandstone and bronze. Gold plated. palm leaves and parabaik or writing tablet paper. fabric or metal recording accordion folds.Palm leaves are usually made in Corypha palm leaf with the stylus. Palm leaf entries are made in Corypha palm leaf punch or palm leaves is more common.Read More »

History of Myanmar Traditional Dances

Background history

The oldest physical evidence of Myanmar traditional dance antiquities excavations on the site of the city of Pyu Srikshetra. Antiquities excavated include small bronze figures of a piper, a drummer, a saucer flap, a dancer and a fifth figure that looks like a dwarf clown wearing a backpack. The heads of the characters are great, but the bodies are fine proportion. They are well dressed and decorated with ornaments, and their positions are encouraged indicating that they were engaged in the exercise. Dance is the most important and popular form of arts Myanmar show and dances are strictly traditional in form and content. Each of the many dance festivals and Myanmar was popularly known as pwe (theatrical performances.) Historically, all the actual functions began and ended with music and dance Read More »

Myanmar Traditional Pa-O Dancing

Pa-O traditional dancingMyanmar’s northern region is home to a number of national groups in the country: Bamar, Shan, Intha, Danu, Pa-O and others, each with its own culture and language, but they all live in harmony. Besides Inthas, the Pa-O are the second group was the Inn region.

This is the traditional Pa-O dance performed by a large group of beautiful young girls Pa-O. The dance represents the various activities (slope) that producers begin planting their tasks. The words of the song and dance are: Come, come, young boys and girls:
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Myanmar Nation Shan Traditional Novitiate Ceremony

myanmar traditional novitiateMyanmar is known as the land of festivals. Each month, different types of Buddhist ceremonies are held. These festivals represent pious and generosity of the people of Myanmar. Noviciation ceremonies, which usually take place during the summer, steps in style with the traditional customs in the country. In northern Shan State, Noviciation traditional Buddhist ceremony is held for 5-7 days. According to custom, the age of the novices-to-be are so aged 9-16 years. Novices-to-be dress like a princess and are carried in processions around the city every day for the Read More »