Exploring Buddhist Art of Myanmar at the Asia Society

myanmar buddhist artsReligious images live Switched-On, Off circuit life. I remember walking in the National Museum of Kyoto, Japan, some years ago, which has in its ranks of Buddhist sculpture, and be stopped by a single piece, not because it was particularly beautiful – it’s was not – but because a vase with a single fresh flower was placed before him as an offering at a temple. I kept the picture because someone – a guard? a visitor? – He told me to think in terms not often in museums, it was important, a personal spiritual form.

This dynamic is worth keeping in mind during the exhibition in majestic silence “Myanmar Buddhist Art” at the Asia Society. You will not see offerings of flowers, but with hands, eyes, minds of devotion is this art is about. Even if your interest is purely aesthetic or historical, the show is a find, because chances are you have not seen a lot of this kind of art before.
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How they build Buddhist Monastery

golden palace monasteryAt the time of Myanmar monarch until 1885, the donor will have to apply directly to the monarch’s permission for the new building of the monastery. The king granted the building after an investigation into the monk who accept new monastery with regard to their level of education in the Buddha’s teaching and moral probity and head of a religious order. Permission was granted in accordance with customary rules and regulations, restrictions and limitations.
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The Art of Embroidery

myanmar embroidery artEmbroidery, one of Myanmar traditional artwork. Some decades ago, the palace of the members of textile yarns, clothing, art, gold and silver we appreciate your sewing. According to these data, the traditional handicraft articles, the work of an artist, which is combination of modern embroidery. And the images of light and dark colors, embroidery and craftsmanship to bring the outside in the form of statistics, including the implementation of a mixing ideas and points of the view of art.

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Myanmar Handicraft : Wood Carving

wood carvingArt of the sculpture, wood or ivory, and is one of the figures in the production of floral designs. They makes the floral form like the figure of humans, animals and floral designs, many more. Most are the religious theme of the original pieces or loyal regalia. Myanmar traditional sculpture was come out during the era of the improvements in the midst of Bagan Empire.

Mandalay is still rich in culture at Myanmar, it still has a lot of artisans. All Carvers are men, women are in the last phase of the image, usually glass mosaic and gilding process at work. Carvers work and families from the southern end of the work is not yet in Mandalay. Mandalay is Read More »

Silver Smith in Myanmar

myanmar silver wareMyanmar was an ancient silverwork industry prior to the 13th Century. Loyalty counselors and helpers’ are customarily used in the back bowls of gold and silver, as a reward for the royal family untouched. Only ministers, generals and rich citizens, which is used as the front and silver items, boxes, bowls, flower pots and spittoons, knife sheaths, was a symbol of wealth and materials for the signs and the Silver King belts. Could not afford the monks and Buddha statues and tools used for the poorest, silverware and silver altarRead More »

Myanmar Handicraft : Painting in Glass Bottle

glass bottle painting in myanmarDrawing on the glass bottle is a unique type of art painting and also a well-known handicrafts in Myanmar. The first paint of glass bottles appeared in China at the beginning of the19th century. Most artists can paint on the outside of the bottle, but it is not easy to paint on the inner surface. Although it seems that the canvas painting, bottle painting is more complex than an art that must be precise in scale. U Nyo Lay is a fantasy bottle artist who learned this technique.

Relevant : Pathein Umbrella

He said he suffered from polio since childhood and became disabled after the occurrence of several strange incidents. So, the lower part of his body and right arm is useless now, and has

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Myanmar Traditional Cotton Weaving Craft

myanmar cotton weavingIn Myanmar, the cotton weaving craft is so popular in Shan State which is lie in the eastern part of the Myanmar. They are very talented, innovative in weaving and designing cotton and silk fabrics. They sew attractive article not only for their clothes but also do business from materials such as silk, cotton and wool. A good weaver needs concentration of mind and perfect co-ordination of eyes, hands and feet to work the loom, to produce beautiful fabric.Read More »