Art works in the Palace

Art in Palace‘Books’ of the past were piles of palm recorded texts are called PAYSAR parabeik, PAYSAR word in reference to the use of palm leaves and parabeik book means.

When the paper has become more readily available, the court of artists began to use it in almost the same way as the palm part: rectangular, but larger. The paper glued together long leaves convenience allowed to be created, sometimes up to 20 feet. The length is then folded into accordion folds to resemble palm leaves stacked.
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Ancient Bagan Temple : Dhamayangyi

dhamayangyi temple“Magnitude is Dhamayan
Rise is Thatbyinnyu
Grace is ANANDA ”
Because this argument, it is known Dhammayan Gyi temple for her fans. A cave temple.

It is said that King Narathu built in AD1170 and fin ished within three years. King King only for three years. Seen from afar is the form of the Egyptian pyramid.Read More »

5 souvenir crafts to buy in Myanmar

Most visitors could not think Burma great place to buy arts and crafts, but there are some real gems to be found in the markets, shops and factories. The crafts practiced in Burma are centuries old and many of them make great gifts and a way to support the Burmese culture.

  1. Lacquerwware


Lacquer is a form of art practiced throughout Asia in places like China, Japan and of course Burma. This art form is carved or inlaid boxes, cups, bowls and various other tableware and perhaps what to buy if you want something in Burma. In Burma, the lacquer is the sap that converts native Thitsee block when exposed to air. He brushed or coated on to form a nice smooth surface. Must be resistant to heat and humidity of sale and staff this good show. Bagan is the center / sales making lacquer Burma, but you can buy elsewhere at a higher cost, including Yangon Bogyoke market.Read More »

Myanmar Handicrafts : Gold and Silver Smith

myanmar silver smith handicraftInlay region in the southeast of Shan State in Myanmar gets its fame from the presence of a large natural lake island in the midst of her as a brilliant emerald. The native Intha and Inthu the region are simple people love peace, but also persistent, patient and painstaking. Perhaps the reason we are in the many famous pop region for the quality of its diversified Myanmar Handicraft product cottage industries. Enterprises weaving, pottery, blacksmith, goldsmith, still thrive todayRead More »