Myanmar currency designer reveal his secret art

Everything that had to do with the utmost confidentiality. But when his work was completed, every man, woman and child in the country is distributed. The artists who designed the paint nation evaluates the national treasury. However, until recently, hardly anyone knew who they were.myanmar currency designer reveal his art

U Aye Myint, now 86, was the man who put Bogyoke Aung San in pockets and bags of the nation. With his team, he designed the K25 and notes released in 1972 K1 and K5 and K10 notes that came out the following year.Read More »


Exploring Buddhist Art of Myanmar at the Asia Society

myanmar buddhist artsReligious images live Switched-On, Off circuit life. I remember walking in the National Museum of Kyoto, Japan, some years ago, which has in its ranks of Buddhist sculpture, and be stopped by a single piece, not because it was particularly beautiful – it’s was not – but because a vase with a single fresh flower was placed before him as an offering at a temple. I kept the picture because someone – a guard? a visitor? – He told me to think in terms not often in museums, it was important, a personal spiritual form.

This dynamic is worth keeping in mind during the exhibition in majestic silence “Myanmar Buddhist Art” at the Asia Society. You will not see offerings of flowers, but with hands, eyes, minds of devotion is this art is about. Even if your interest is purely aesthetic or historical, the show is a find, because chances are you have not seen a lot of this kind of art before.
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Experiencing people and their crafts in Myanmar

burma2I have these important questions you ever visit Myanmar (Burma), due to its repressive government that when I met a group who assured me the amounts paid would go to the people and not the government, which I signed. I booked Craft World Tours Byron, New York.
The purpose of the visit was visiting artisans and their villages, going behind the wall” so to speak, to meet the locals. Our small group was made up of artisans, teachers and buyers, and the prevailing sentiment was to promote tourism in this region so that the government will win an open mind. Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and a warmly welcome.
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Myanmar arts in colonialism

myanmar paint artsDuring the colonial era, an artist known for his excellent work was Saya U Aye. He studied art under the close supervision of Chon Saya, the last royal dynasty Konebaung artist during the reign of King Thibaw. When Saya Aye became famous for its traditional drawings, one of his contemporaries was U Maung Gyi, a sailor who studied art in Europe and had more of a Western style. He was excellent in the color of the transparent water. Myanmar was the first artist can exhibit their work abroad and whose images were printed and sold in Germany. Due to the influence of U Maung Gyi, the Western-style art Read More »

Art works in the Palace

Art in Palace‘Books’ of the past were piles of palm recorded texts are called PAYSAR parabeik, PAYSAR word in reference to the use of palm leaves and parabeik book means.

When the paper has become more readily available, the court of artists began to use it in almost the same way as the palm part: rectangular, but larger. The paper glued together long leaves convenience allowed to be created, sometimes up to 20 feet. The length is then folded into accordion folds to resemble palm leaves stacked.
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Evolution of Myanmar Painting

myanmar paintIf you study the evolution of the art of Myanmar painting, notice that the first works of art on the walls of the cave Pyadarlin express the social life of men in prehistoric caves. Before medicine, art and technology is fully developed; these people have done their best to express their lifestyle visually.

Srikshetra in the period (the period Pyu), decorative art could be more common in ornaments, clothes and utensils of the population, especially the parts of Pyu, beads and pottery. In the eleventh century, Theravada Buddhism or Hinayana south of Thaton and Thuwunna Read More »

Myanmar Buddha arts show in New York

myanmar artsMyanmar Buddhist art is the first Western exhibition focuses on works of art from collections in Myanmar. The exhibition consists of 70 works, including the spectacular stone, bronze and wood sculptures, textiles, paints, varnishes and ritual instruments of the fifth to the twentieth century. His works include objects created for temples, monasteries and personal devotion, which are presented in their historical and ritual contexts. The exhibition explores how the Buddhist story visually communicates and multiplicity of regional styles. Many of the works in the exhibition have not been shown outside Myanmar. The works are on loan from the National Museum of Myanmar in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw; Bagan Archaeological Museum; Archaeological museum and Sri Ksetra, Hmawza well as works from public and private collections in the United States.

Myanmar, also officially known in English as “Burma” in the period Read More »

5 souvenir crafts to buy in Myanmar

Most visitors could not think Burma great place to buy arts and crafts, but there are some real gems to be found in the markets, shops and factories. The crafts practiced in Burma are centuries old and many of them make great gifts and a way to support the Burmese culture.

  1. Lacquerwware


Lacquer is a form of art practiced throughout Asia in places like China, Japan and of course Burma. This art form is carved or inlaid boxes, cups, bowls and various other tableware and perhaps what to buy if you want something in Burma. In Burma, the lacquer is the sap that converts native Thitsee block when exposed to air. He brushed or coated on to form a nice smooth surface. Must be resistant to heat and humidity of sale and staff this good show. Bagan is the center / sales making lacquer Burma, but you can buy elsewhere at a higher cost, including Yangon Bogyoke market.Read More »