Young Myanmar Artists to Innovate Handicrafts Design and Ideas

U Aye Kyu, new artist and CEO of Zero Art Space, is passionate about the promotion of Myanmar traditional crafts.
It was the driving force behind “from craft to art: Myanmar Handicrafts Exhibition and Fair”, which was held in Karaweik Kandawgyi Garden in Yangon from February 26 – March 1.

He said U Aye Koo wanted the event to “make the people of Myanmar realize their products, to find out which products come from where, to allow people to cherish Myanmar traditional crafts and develop the habit of collecting art.”

The new zero-organized the event in collaboration with the British Council and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.Read More »


Handmade Silver Arts in Myanmar

myanmar handicrafts silver artsIn the arts and crafts of the country are known as Ten kinds of flowers, between them, creating silver ware is Pan Tein or silver smith. Creating silver ware, dating back over a thousand years ago. Hollow silver casket and votive offerings.

They were discovered in the mounds of ancient temples in Sri Khestra Pyu period, and Arhat Buddha figures in bas-relief were also found there.
The Glass Palace Chronicle (Nan hman Yazawin).

He also described that when the king sacked Bagan Anawrahta Thaton and brought Buddhist sculpture and other artifacts back, the king also triedRead More »

Ancient Lacquer ware arts in Myanmar

myanmar lacquer wareThe lacquer has its roots in China, there are three thousand years, and developed throughout Southeast Asia. In Myanmar we ate tree resin is Thit-si. These trees grow naturally in almost all Myanmar entire forests in altitude light. Taking the resin, much as is done with latex, using notches in the base of the stem of bamboo, where small bowls are fixed. The sap of the lacquer has a very high quality of the adhesive and a beautiful shine. It has many qualities that make objects waterproof covering. It adheres to many surfaces, bamboo, wood, palm leaves, metal and leather. Resists insects and flexibility guards at all times.

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