History of Myanmar Art

history of myanmar artThe art foundation in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is Buddhism.

From the 11th century Bagan was when Theravada Buddhism began to flourish in Myanmar, this way of life, as taught by Gautama Buddha has spread through the medium of art: on the walls of temples and idols made of stone or clay tablets glazed with Buddhist themes scenes in high relief work.

The first temple with murals on the wall or as called son or temple locally yoke illustrated is the Temple Thar Mya Pahto late 11th century, which is believed to be the merit of King Sawlu (r.1077-1084), heir to King Anawrahta ( r 1044-1077), who was a strong supporter of Buddhism and Bagan made a great kingdom.
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Myanmar Handicraft : Painting in Glass Bottle

glass bottle painting in myanmarDrawing on the glass bottle is a unique type of art painting and also a well-known handicrafts in Myanmar. The first paint of glass bottles appeared in China at the beginning of the19th century. Most artists can paint on the outside of the bottle, but it is not easy to paint on the inner surface. Although it seems that the canvas painting, bottle painting is more complex than an art that must be precise in scale. U Nyo Lay is a fantasy bottle artist who learned this technique.

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He said he suffered from polio since childhood and became disabled after the occurrence of several strange incidents. So, the lower part of his body and right arm is useless now, and has

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