The Art of Embroidery

myanmar embroidery artEmbroidery, one of Myanmar traditional artwork. Some decades ago, the palace of the members of textile yarns, clothing, art, gold and silver we appreciate your sewing. According to these data, the traditional handicraft articles, the work of an artist, which is combination of modern embroidery. And the images of light and dark colors, embroidery and craftsmanship to bring the outside in the form of statistics, including the implementation of a mixing ideas and points of the view of art.

Beautiful ballerina dancing couple, the traditional oil lamp, a romantic dance, monks and traditional cultural styles, fabrics and other images areRead More »


Myanmar Handicraft : Wood Carving

wood carvingArt of the sculpture, wood or ivory, and is one of the figures in the production of floral designs. They makes the floral form like the figure of humans, animals and floral designs, many more. Most are the religious theme of the original pieces or loyal regalia. Myanmar traditional sculpture was come out during the era of the improvements in the midst of Bagan Empire.

Mandalay is still rich in culture at Myanmar, it still has a lot of artisans. All Carvers are men, women are in the last phase of the image, usually glass mosaic and gilding process at work. Carvers work and families from the southern end of the work is not yet in Mandalay. Mandalay is Read More »