The Prospects of Myanmar Handicrafts

Myanmar has a long tradition in the production of handicrafts ranging from lacquered wood sculpture for the manufacture of swords objects, but this has quickly become an organized industry, although the market for these products has increased.

myanmar handicrafts prospects

Myanmar traditional market for local and foreign buyers has grown over the past two years, and places to buy these items have expanded from historical pagodas and Bogyoke market of art galleries and shopping centers.

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10 Well-known Arts and Crafts in Myanmar

Myanmar 10 best well-known traditional arts and crafts works which is called “Pan Sel Myo ( 10 Flowers ) “

( 1 )  Panchi : It is the art of painting and that shows live animals and inanimate objects using different colors. Artists paint the figures of beings, animals, objects, drawings and caricatures human scene.








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