The villages in the Bagan area to connect old and new Myanmar

baganNext to religious sites, village life is one of the main attractions of Bagan. People all over the world have come to see how the people of the villages in the area, culture and customs, festivals and beliefs and their cottage industries, say local guides.

The most famous of these villages is Min Nan Thu, although Phwar Saw Thu Htay and Kan are also attracting more attention.
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Bagan : The ancient city of Myanmar

baganBagan with more than 2000 temples and pagodas in northern Myanmar and can be visited throughout the year because there is no real rainy season.

Bagan with its pagodas and temples dating back over 1500 years of history, is the most fascinating place for visitors and organize your trip by car, horse transport or their own on a bike. You can also enjoy a boat trip to the idyllic sunset on the Irrawaddy River to watch the sunset over Bagan.

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