Myanmar refugees weave of handicrafts love

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Inle Lake, participates in the Site list of the Biosphere of the United Nations

inle lake in myanmarIn the first of Myanmar, Inle Lake, he has been chosen as one of the new headquarters of the 20 that were added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserve. Forest Department officials hope the decision will lead to the improvement of both the new influx of visitors and site environment, one of the main tourist destinations.

The long-awaited decision was taken by the plan of the biosphere in Paris the International Coordinating Committee and June 9 UNESCO human (MAB).
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Myanmar harp manufacturer fears his family will fall silent

myanmar harpThere are some remarkable artisans who are not appreciated for their work and can not earn a reliable income. However, in view of all this, they continue to work because they are afraid of losing the art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fight Myanmar harp maker Ko Aye Aung Win for survival is an example of such persistence. Despite the severe shortage of logs resulting from the illegal deforestation and the threat of a penalty of three years to logging, it is still unable to find the wood for its traditional Myanmar harp. The artist becomes quite logs padauk owners who cut the trees side.
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Myanmar arts in colonialism

myanmar paint artsDuring the colonial era, an artist known for his excellent work was Saya U Aye. He studied art under the close supervision of Chon Saya, the last royal dynasty Konebaung artist during the reign of King Thibaw. When Saya Aye became famous for its traditional drawings, one of his contemporaries was U Maung Gyi, a sailor who studied art in Europe and had more of a Western style. He was excellent in the color of the transparent water. Myanmar was the first artist can exhibit their work abroad and whose images were printed and sold in Germany. Due to the influence of U Maung Gyi, the Western-style art Read More »

Handmade Silver Arts in Myanmar

myanmar handicrafts silver artsIn the arts and crafts of the country are known as Ten kinds of flowers, between them, creating silver ware is Pan Tein or silver smith. Creating silver ware, dating back over a thousand years ago. Hollow silver casket and votive offerings.

They were discovered in the mounds of ancient temples in Sri Khestra Pyu period, and Arhat Buddha figures in bas-relief were also found there.
The Glass Palace Chronicle (Nan hman Yazawin).

He also described that when the king sacked Bagan Anawrahta Thaton and brought Buddhist sculpture and other artifacts back, the king also triedRead More »

Art works in the Palace

Art in Palace‘Books’ of the past were piles of palm recorded texts are called PAYSAR parabeik, PAYSAR word in reference to the use of palm leaves and parabeik book means.

When the paper has become more readily available, the court of artists began to use it in almost the same way as the palm part: rectangular, but larger. The paper glued together long leaves convenience allowed to be created, sometimes up to 20 feet. The length is then folded into accordion folds to resemble palm leaves stacked.
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History of Myanmar Art

history of myanmar artThe art foundation in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is Buddhism.

From the 11th century Bagan was when Theravada Buddhism began to flourish in Myanmar, this way of life, as taught by Gautama Buddha has spread through the medium of art: on the walls of temples and idols made of stone or clay tablets glazed with Buddhist themes scenes in high relief work.

The first temple with murals on the wall or as called son or temple locally yoke illustrated is the Temple Thar Mya Pahto late 11th century, which is believed to be the merit of King Sawlu (r.1077-1084), heir to King Anawrahta ( r 1044-1077), who was a strong supporter of Buddhism and Bagan made a great kingdom.
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Evolution of Myanmar Painting

myanmar paintIf you study the evolution of the art of Myanmar painting, notice that the first works of art on the walls of the cave Pyadarlin express the social life of men in prehistoric caves. Before medicine, art and technology is fully developed; these people have done their best to express their lifestyle visually.

Srikshetra in the period (the period Pyu), decorative art could be more common in ornaments, clothes and utensils of the population, especially the parts of Pyu, beads and pottery. In the eleventh century, Theravada Buddhism or Hinayana south of Thaton and Thuwunna Read More »

Myanmar Handicrafts : Marble Carving

marble carving crafts in MyanmarCarved marble was introduced in Burma 235 years ago, during the reign of Thalumintragyi, the manufacturer of Kaunghmudaw Pagoda in Sagaing, and the industry has developed in the dynasty of King Alaungpaya Konebaung.
The most revered of all the images in Burma is an image carved marble under the orders of King Bagyidaw shortly after his accession to the throne of his grandfather Bodawpaya Amarapura. And ‘in Taungtaman out Amarapura and is known as Taungtaman Kyauktawgyi.
A huge marble image of Buddha at the foot of Mandalay Hill was carved by order of King Mindon in imitation of the image Bagyidaw in Amarapura, and
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