The villages in the Bagan area to connect old and new Myanmar

baganNext to religious sites, village life is one of the main attractions of Bagan. People all over the world have come to see how the people of the villages in the area, culture and customs, festivals and beliefs and their cottage industries, say local guides.

The most famous of these villages is Min Nan Thu, although Phwar Saw Thu Htay and Kan are also attracting more attention.
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Myanmar Worship

myanmar worshipEarly in the world of humanity had loved phenomena such as the sun, moon, water, fire and the gods of the forest, sea and mountain, snake and dragon, respectively, about fear and fear . Later, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam as religions have arisen among themselves faithful.

In the reign of King Anawrahta Bagan Theravada Tipitaka and provided by the King of Thahton Anawrahta using Shin Arahan. Mahayana Buddhism (Buddhism in northern India) was also widespread. Therefore Bagan paintings reflect Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Theravada Arahan Shin. Theravada Buddhism began to flourish due to the cooperation between the Shin Arahan and King Anawahta faithful and devoted people support Bagan.
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Bell of Dhammazedi :Largest Bell in Underwater

myanmar largest bellIn 1480 AD, Dhammazedi, Raja of Mon people in Myanmar has large cast bronze bell and given to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (then known as Dagon). According to the text, at the time, the bell was cast by 180,000 VIES metals including gold, silver, copper and tin. (A metric ton is equivalent to about 600 VISS so the bell was cast out of about 300 tons of metal OL). According to the history of the Kings, it is the height of twelve feet long and eight feet wide is. At the same time, the king Dhammazedi have small bells weigh 500 VISS actor and offerings to the Buddha.

In 1583 Venetian traveler Gasparo Balbi visited Dagon pagoda Shwedagon ancient and described at length. The bell, he said; “I found in the room faire huge bell that we measured, and found seven steps and three widths of hand and is full of letters from top to bottom, but there is no country that can understand them.
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Myanmar Ruby Land : Mogok

myanmar ruby landMogok, northeast of Mandalay in central Myanmar and a few hour drive along the windy roads crossing mountains and streams and tribal villages. The first thing you see when entering the Mogok is unique hills and mountains and Mogok ruby mining. There, in the middle of the famous Mogok lake it was originally a series of British mines. Mogok is a provincial city that has most of the amenities such as banks, stadiums, hospitals and central hospitals and public access center. These mines have been raised since the water to create a lake. Most people are Buddhist and the rest of Christianity and Hinduism. Buddhist Mogok strong people, very polite, Read More »