Young Myanmar Artists to Innovate Handicrafts Design and Ideas

U Aye Kyu, new artist and CEO of Zero Art Space, is passionate about the promotion of Myanmar traditional crafts.
It was the driving force behind “from craft to art: Myanmar Handicrafts Exhibition and Fair”, which was held in Karaweik Kandawgyi Garden in Yangon from February 26 – March 1.

He said U Aye Koo wanted the event to “make the people of Myanmar realize their products, to find out which products come from where, to allow people to cherish Myanmar traditional crafts and develop the habit of collecting art.”

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The Prospects of Myanmar Handicrafts

Myanmar has a long tradition in the production of handicrafts ranging from lacquered wood sculpture for the manufacture of swords objects, but this has quickly become an organized industry, although the market for these products has increased.

myanmar handicrafts prospects

Myanmar traditional market for local and foreign buyers has grown over the past two years, and places to buy these items have expanded from historical pagodas and Bogyoke market of art galleries and shopping centers.

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Myanmar crafters belong shortage of demand for lacquerware

myanmar lacquerware craftsThe Bagan saw manufacturers lacquer village War are eager to increase traffic and sales after the elections next month. Industries dozen small scale lacquer in the village, which attracts tourists interested in traditional rural life, providing wholesale and retail markets in Yangon, Taunggyi and U Ba Nyein of Bagan, U Nyunt Kan House and Bagan.
Some fear the next election has had a depressing effect on growth, the company is now running at the same pace as last year. They hope that next season, after the vote, to reward their patience.
U Soe Naing Lin, who lacquer family Naing, said.

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Bagan Archaeological Museum

buddha statue in baganBagan Archaeological Museum was inaugurated 17 April 1998 at the world-famous ancient city of Bagan, Mandalay Division, Upper Myanmar. It is close to Palin Pagoda Gawdawt. The first archeology museum in the truest sense of the word has been built near the north cover way Ananda temple in 1904 in a very modest way because.

A small rectangular building with a brick floor of 60 feet by 30 feet in which randomly show some ancient inscriptions in stone images of Buddha and other cultural goods listed in the Bagan area. After several years in which they were added a number of new works of art and antiquities, the museum seemed overstocked warehouse.
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Experiencing people and their crafts in Myanmar

burma2I have these important questions you ever visit Myanmar (Burma), due to its repressive government that when I met a group who assured me the amounts paid would go to the people and not the government, which I signed. I booked Craft World Tours Byron, New York.
The purpose of the visit was visiting artisans and their villages, going behind the wall” so to speak, to meet the locals. Our small group was made up of artisans, teachers and buyers, and the prevailing sentiment was to promote tourism in this region so that the government will win an open mind. Everywhere we went we were greeted with a smile and a warmly welcome.
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Myanmar harp manufacturer fears his family will fall silent

myanmar harpThere are some remarkable artisans who are not appreciated for their work and can not earn a reliable income. However, in view of all this, they continue to work because they are afraid of losing the art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fight Myanmar harp maker Ko Aye Aung Win for survival is an example of such persistence. Despite the severe shortage of logs resulting from the illegal deforestation and the threat of a penalty of three years to logging, it is still unable to find the wood for its traditional Myanmar harp. The artist becomes quite logs padauk owners who cut the trees side.
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Handmade Silver Arts in Myanmar

myanmar handicrafts silver artsIn the arts and crafts of the country are known as Ten kinds of flowers, between them, creating silver ware is Pan Tein or silver smith. Creating silver ware, dating back over a thousand years ago. Hollow silver casket and votive offerings.

They were discovered in the mounds of ancient temples in Sri Khestra Pyu period, and Arhat Buddha figures in bas-relief were also found there.
The Glass Palace Chronicle (Nan hman Yazawin).

He also described that when the king sacked Bagan Anawrahta Thaton and brought Buddhist sculpture and other artifacts back, the king also triedRead More »

Art works in the Palace

Art in Palace‘Books’ of the past were piles of palm recorded texts are called PAYSAR parabeik, PAYSAR word in reference to the use of palm leaves and parabeik book means.

When the paper has become more readily available, the court of artists began to use it in almost the same way as the palm part: rectangular, but larger. The paper glued together long leaves convenience allowed to be created, sometimes up to 20 feet. The length is then folded into accordion folds to resemble palm leaves stacked.
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