Handmade soap is marketed to customers into a lather

myanmar handmade soapIf you buy soap at the supermarket, you may not feel as clean as you find it unpleasant to rub all over my body. Most commercially produced bars contain synthetic foaming agents, artificial coloring, and a whole load of other chemicals and toxins. Not only peel the skin of essential moisture, but they are also bad for the environment: Every time you wash the foam down the drain, as chemical contaminants go with it.

So what is the alternative?
Enterprise entrepreneur toiletries Pyaw Ko Phone Zaw, Zezawar, is 1000 bar hand, organic soap per month. He says he found the recipe by accident while visiting the United States, and has optimized the formula a bit “to place a traditional toy inside each bar.

“I went to America to study, and almost by accident acquired this knowledge. When I got home, I decided to fill a gap in the market by selling handmade soap, as a family affair.

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“Most soap available here is imported from Thailand. This is the first handmade soap Myanmar,” said Ko Phone Zaw Pyaw.

Zezarwar offers seven main flavors: Thanakha, bamboo charcoal, Aloe Vera, goat milk, Wand (vegetables), tomatoes and olive oil.

“The question is not heavy, but it is increasing. The prices are high, but we have regular customers as well as new customers who appreciate the value of organic products for health,” said Ko Phone Zaw Pyaw.

“To make soap, put the oil and soap ingredients in a pot and boil until dissolved. Pour into a mold and dried with heat for one night. For the cold process, there we heat and allow to dry naturally, which it lasts about a month. The soaps made with cold process are the most natural and best for your skin. ”

Zezawar said soap is 99 percent organic. The cost is K3500 to K7000, K700-K750 charges a custom design for wedding gifts.

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“It took me months to figure out how to put the toys in soap,” he said. “Tourists like Thailand.”

Most customers are hotels and a large order can push up the monthly output of 15,000 bar. Last offer Zezawar solid shampoo is made with olive oil.

“The handmade soaps using coconut or olive oil, but that costs money,” he said.


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