Exploring Buddhist Art of Myanmar at the Asia Society

myanmar buddhist artsReligious images live Switched-On, Off circuit life. I remember walking in the National Museum of Kyoto, Japan, some years ago, which has in its ranks of Buddhist sculpture, and be stopped by a single piece, not because it was particularly beautiful – it’s was not – but because a vase with a single fresh flower was placed before him as an offering at a temple. I kept the picture because someone – a guard? a visitor? – He told me to think in terms not often in museums, it was important, a personal spiritual form.

This dynamic is worth keeping in mind during the exhibition in majestic silence “Myanmar Buddhist Art” at the Asia Society. You will not see offerings of flowers, but with hands, eyes, minds of devotion is this art is about. Even if your interest is purely aesthetic or historical, the show is a find, because chances are you have not seen a lot of this kind of art before.
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Handmade soap is marketed to customers into a lather

myanmar handmade soapIf you buy soap at the supermarket, you may not feel as clean as you find it unpleasant to rub all over my body. Most commercially produced bars contain synthetic foaming agents, artificial coloring, and a whole load of other chemicals and toxins. Not only peel the skin of essential moisture, but they are also bad for the environment: Every time you wash the foam down the drain, as chemical contaminants go with it.

So what is the alternative?
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