Myanmar crafters belong shortage of demand for lacquerware

myanmar lacquerware craftsThe Bagan saw manufacturers lacquer village War are eager to increase traffic and sales after the elections next month. Industries dozen small scale lacquer in the village, which attracts tourists interested in traditional rural life, providing wholesale and retail markets in Yangon, Taunggyi and U Ba Nyein of Bagan, U Nyunt Kan House and Bagan.
Some fear the next election has had a depressing effect on growth, the company is now running at the same pace as last year. They hope that next season, after the vote, to reward their patience.
U Soe Naing Lin, who lacquer family Naing, said.

“This time last year we received new orders from wholesale markets and retail Bagan, Yangon and Taunggyi, but so far have not received deposits for the items we sent in August,” AT- said.
Family Naing was annually increases the range of products to the growing demand and now sells 30 items. Orders are normally at the end of October of hotels for tourism promotion.

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U Soe Naing Lin said the company lacquer relied mainly on tourism, which is sensitive to political conditions and other. He attributed a low number of visitors to the nervousness about the elections and the floods in July and August.
“We hope for an election without incident so that we can continue to do business in Myanmar,” he said.

craft-3 craft-4pg

The development of Bagan Myanmar lacquer Visit started in 1996, but turns off when the current government is promoting tourism. The Ministry of Culture, which promotes Myanmar traditional arts and intangible cultural heritage, opened a school for lacquer and Bagan centers.

Another small-scale paint manufacturer, U Kyi Swe, said that in recent years the lacquer managers had worked and studied in Myin Ka Ba and wholesale markets Bagan lacquer.

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Lacquer industries on a small scale in Phwar Sega were established during the last decade. They have created a cooperation and solidarity environment and help each other to succeed.

The practice of creating more jobs in Myanmar and helps to promote the industry as a whole. Some family businesses have several family members take care of each of the seven distinct steps necessary for the production of lacquer.

craft-1“Last year, lacquers has been recognized as a tourist attraction that produces tools that can help promote hotels and restaurants,” said U Kyi Swe, the recognition of an increase in competition. “It helps to increase creativity and improve quality. “

The price of the lacquer depends on its quality. Commodity prices have increased every year, both bamboo Chin State Thit say lacquer or resin Shan State. The daily wage of a producer of lacquer jumped K1500 to K3500. There are more fakes on the market.

Today, industries are different levels of quality products for the same items in response to weak demand at high prices to customers, he said.

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“People have different tastes and I think there will always be demand for lacquer Myanmar in the future, regardless of the price, as long as we ensure high quality,” said U Kyi Swe.

lacquerwareManufacturer lacquer U Tin Maung Win, said one of the options to support the industry was to encourage interest and local consumption. It would reduce our dependence on tourism, create jobs and could increase Myanmar exports,” he said.

We need to find techniques more accessible to attract local consumers. A cup of costs of plastic or glass K500, but a cup of lacquer is K5000. People prefer article cheaper, and we do not think of other considerations,” he said U Kyi Swe.

And as family businesses, craft industries Phawr village of Saw prefer to deal directly with customers, rather than share their profits with the great centers and retail.

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