Myanmar refugees weave of handicrafts love

558722_630x354Culture of Myanmar took care of The Baker House Ripley Saturday afternoon with the authentic art, tapestries and designs.

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Women refugees from that country, who now lives in Houston, show their woven goods and traditional crafts demonstrated using a technique called waist looming. Women use specialty wire objects to create original one-of-a-kind as purses, table runners and jewelry.

myanmar craftsThey use the money from the sale of the designs to support their families. Women are in the United States to escape political persecution in their home country.

Dozens of people attended the event Saturday afternoon at The Baker House Ripley enjoyed watching women weave their creations, and did a lot of shopping. The handmade items take three to five days to create and are not as expensive. A stylish hat costs $ 25 and a scarf will cost you $ 50.

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3 thoughts on “Myanmar refugees weave of handicrafts love

  1. Wow. Truly an authentic art. Do you do any deliveries to Malaysia?
    At the same time, do not hesitate to visit my blog at , which I used this platform to encourage people to travel Asia Region.

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