Inle Lake, participates in the Site list of the Biosphere of the United Nations

inle lake in myanmarIn the first of Myanmar, Inle Lake, he has been chosen as one of the new headquarters of the 20 that were added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserve. Forest Department officials hope the decision will lead to the improvement of both the new influx of visitors and site environment, one of the main tourist destinations.

The long-awaited decision was taken by the plan of the biosphere in Paris the International Coordinating Committee and June 9 UNESCO human (MAB).
Humans and the biosphere on a global scale, in order to improve the interaction between people and their natural environment, is an intergovernmental scientific program, which was established by UNESCO in the 1970s Biosphere Reserve is a place to learn about sustainable development and biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. The new reserves are specified annually.

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Inle Lake is the first survey and 120 countries are specified in Myanmar, there are 651 such sites will result.

Winning nine thaw, nature and the director of wildlife protection Ministry of environmental and forest protection, as part of the five-member delegation attended the Paris conference. He said the proposal of the 26 have been submitted from 19 countries.

“The conference announced congratulations to Myanmar in order to have a first Biosphere Reserve that,” he said in an email yesterday.

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Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO Inle Lake, said cover a total of 489.721 hectares. 82 is a bird of wetlands – – freshwater fish, wetland ecosystems of 43 species of freshwater lakes otter and turtle, is home to 267 bird species. Engraving of a variety of plant and animal species, lake, has been reported to be a nesting site for the endangered worldwide Sarus (Grus Antigone).

In addition to their ecological importance, Inle Lake is also unique in the way that local residents have adapted to their lifestyle in their own environment. One of the dominant ethnic group in the region, known locally as Intha do if vertical, the practice of farming floating island from farmers. Inle Lake and its watershed, clean air, clean water, cooler weather, such as fisheries and other resources, to provide some of the ecosystem services that local people are dependent.

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Nomination of office Myanmar Inle Lake region UNESCO has revealed he had received from the coalition government, the Shan state government, local communities, representatives of NGOs and universities, a wide range of support groups youth and the private sector.

In addition, UNESCO, in order to specify the Inle Lake area as the first Biosphere Reserve of Myanmar, in response to the generous support of the Norwegian government, in close cooperation with the Programme and the United Nations Development (UNDP) Ministry of Environment tea, said he has been providing technical support to the government.

Ministry of General Cho U JNI JNI is specified in the proposed biosphere in the long term and to preserve seed varieties and culture to help the human development and support the study of the connection between people and the environment last month He told the press conference.

Now, Myanmar is expected to receive assistance in conservation technology and the possible financial support, U ~ UN Nainzauto Forest Service says. “If the lake is that it has been identified as a heritage of the world standard, it would promote tourism,” he added.

Coveted designation, such as climate change and pollution take their toll, the lake may disappear has been surrounded by the warning from the experts. To deforestation and 63 of the 134 square miles limo, as has been the reduction of its surface, the lake is now covers the front of the range through.

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Program Advisor Igor clauses head of United Nations Development Programme, which is working with the Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Forestry of the conservation project and reconstruction of Inle Lake (UNDP) is a major public awareness program is needed the last 6 Le told the Myanmar Times, in the month of interview.

While the amount of sediment are rising higher and higher, “the water level, we have reduced a lot of things in the last 70 years. Lake community if it continues as usual, the lake has been in a century. He said that increasingly there is a need to do. “


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