Myanmar harp manufacturer fears his family will fall silent

myanmar harpThere are some remarkable artisans who are not appreciated for their work and can not earn a reliable income. However, in view of all this, they continue to work because they are afraid of losing the art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Fight Myanmar harp maker Ko Aye Aung Win for survival is an example of such persistence. Despite the severe shortage of logs resulting from the illegal deforestation and the threat of a penalty of three years to logging, it is still unable to find the wood for its traditional Myanmar harp. The artist becomes quite logs padauk owners who cut the trees side.
What worries him is the lack of apprentices. They often can not withstand the difficult and painstaking detail involved in wood carving, covering the resonator body with goatskin – where the first deerskin was used – and elaborate decoration with pieces of crystal tassel, gold, lacquer, and cotton. Besides the effort required, the gain is lean.

But he continues to work harps.

“People think a carpenter can make harps, when in fact, they despise the art of harp. Now I can not find anyone to inherit my skills. I am concerned that the art of genuine Myanmar harps disappear,” said Ko Aung Aye Win.

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He learned to give perfect pitch harps of his grandfather, the harp maker U Myint, who emphasized loyalty to the sound quality of each harp.

“I worry about the sound, strength and duration of each harp. A month ago needed to achieve a perfect harp”, Ko Aye Aung Win said.

His laboratory in North Okkalapa common dates back to 1964, when the grandfather U Myint and two other brothers Sint U and U Chit found Myanmar harp finely worked in a museum. He inspired them to try their hands at what one of them.

U Myint and U Chit developed the ability, with strict adherence to traditional methods of making a beautiful harp, while T Sint resigned. U Myint and U Chit children then inherit parenting skills. But the children of U Chit then broke tradition and await the appearance of the harp for commercial reasons, sacrificing both the sound and force Ko Aye Aung Win he said.

Only the son of U Myint, U Hla San – who is the father of Aung Ko Aye Win – strictly followed the guidance of his father. Quickly a reputation for the quality of its after harps U Myint disappeared was established.

Make harps which was not only the passion of Ko Aye Aung Win, however. When he saw his father worked in his workshop, working every harp with meticulous care, Ko Aye Aung Win felt sorry for what his father was enduring. When his father died of cancer five years ago, Ko Aye Aung Win gave his professional life to make harps and has not sacrificed a bit of quality.

“There are some manufacturers Myanmar harp, but make harps for home decoration and fans who are somewhat ‘interested in playing the harp,” he said. “Our family does harps for professional harpists. We maintain our reputation for durability and sound.”

His record of quality is impressive, to say the least.

“We repairing a broken harp only five decades. We never had any complaints about the length or the sound of harpist our customers,” said Ko Aye Aung Win.

In his laboratory, some harps with broken arches make the room. They had been taken by amateurs who broke the delicate instruments – which have been acquired by other manufacturers least aware of the quality of harps – when practiced for long hours. Win Ko Aye Aung are on repairs.

He says his clients are professional harpers, college students who are learning to play the harp at the University of Art and Culture and competitors in the traditional annual Myanmar Performing Arts Competition.

Their harps are also sought internationally – as far away as Japan, Korea and the United States.

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“Local Harpers to bring my harp playing with foreign musicians in Korea and the UK,” he said. “My harps are reliable and not cause any embarrassment our harpists -. Due to its perfect harmony that can be served with Western instruments My harps are of world class quality.”

Perhaps the international application allows this inexorable to continue perfecting their craft enough to find a suitable time apprentice craftsman.


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