Handmade Silver Arts in Myanmar

myanmar handicrafts silver artsIn the arts and crafts of the country are known as Ten kinds of flowers, between them, creating silver ware is Pan Tein or silver smith. Creating silver ware, dating back over a thousand years ago. Hollow silver casket and votive offerings.

They were discovered in the mounds of ancient temples in Sri Khestra Pyu period, and Arhat Buddha figures in bas-relief were also found there.
The Glass Palace Chronicle (Nan hman Yazawin).

He also described that when the king sacked Bagan Anawrahta Thaton and brought Buddhist sculpture and other artifacts back, the king also tried carving, turning, painting, fine stucco relief decoration, jewelry, etc.
These test materials are concrete proof beyond doubt that the art of silver is in place since the days of yore.

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Myamar Silver Handmade Silver Art in Myanmar

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