Myanmar Handicrafts : Marble Carving

marble carving crafts in MyanmarCarved marble was introduced in Burma 235 years ago, during the reign of Thalumintragyi, the manufacturer of Kaunghmudaw Pagoda in Sagaing, and the industry has developed in the dynasty of King Alaungpaya Konebaung.
The most revered of all the images in Burma is an image carved marble under the orders of King Bagyidaw shortly after his accession to the throne of his grandfather Bodawpaya Amarapura. And ‘in Taungtaman out Amarapura and is known as Taungtaman Kyauktawgyi.
A huge marble image of Buddha at the foot of Mandalay Hill was carved by order of King Mindon in imitation of the image Bagyidaw in Amarapura, and
was given the same name Kyauktawgyi or large stone real). Although much larger in size, the image is not as well done as the king of Bagyidaw. High quality marble extracted from Sagyin Hill, 21 miles north of Mandalay. The quarries have been worked for generations and the work is difficult and dangerous. Sometimes, workers have to dig from the side of a cliff or in a deep cave, or the edge of a precipice.

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Marble is generally extracted in buckets from a square courtyard. The block is cut by chisel and hammer, and a man can draw only two blocks of one month. Once the block of marble, laboriously rolled downhill and often blocks are provided for this roll is removed. The blocks are transported by boat, car or truck and Mandalay. Sometimes buyers purchase directly blocks Sagyin and, sometimes, the blocks are taken to Mandalay to be sold.

marble carving crafts in burma
Marble now fetches high prices, depending on the size and quality of the stone. High quality marble is carved Buddha images. Some pictures of Rahantas or Arahat are still carved today. Marble is also used for sheets of stone inscriptions, such as those on the premises of the pagoda Maha-loka-Marazein and dedicatory inscriptions in pagodas.
Some of the images of Buddha are carved Sagyin carvers Mandalay but are much more skilled, and most of the images are made just south of the Maha Myat Muni Pagoda or Arakan). Most of these skilled carvers live and work in a road-tan and Carver off sic) Kyauk-. The same name is given to another location in the west of Mandalay, where there are also marble carvers. A large number of Buddha images made without a warrant, but really good images of Buddha from specially ordered. The demand for images has increased lately.

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Salaries for carvers depend entirely on your ability. His carving tools are few and simple. They consist of chisels and punches of different sizes made by carvers old files purchased from sawmills. The metal of the old files and is particularly suitable for cutting hard. Marble carvers never used iron hammers, wooden decks only wood from trees or heart tamarind Cutch.
Once the size of the figure should be presented (with new files), then rubbed with different types of stone in succession of several days. The first type of stone used is a thick stone, the following is a means of stone for another day, and, finally, a smooth stone.

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Rough stones and medium are from Katha. Stone smooth stone is the touch of a jeweler. Finally, the figure is rubbed with sandpaper for a day and then ended. The figures are not images of the Buddha are not as nicely finished – just stored and then rub with a heavy stone.


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