Myanmar handmade toys

myanmar handmade toysAlthough many modern toys have made their way into toy Myanmar, especially in the cities, due in part to globalization and trade liberalization, a number of Myanmar traditional handmade toys still win the hearts of the children in both communities urban and rural.

Myanmar children were enchanted by these handmade toys for centuries and are really Myanmar in its essence and characteristics. Most Myanmar handmade toys reflect the lifestyle and way of thinking of the people of Myanmar and its history. Although toys are made of various materials such as paper, wood, bamboo, metal and clay, the most common material is paper shaped.

To make toys of paper, a form of carved wood is covered with pieces of paper covered with glue, let it dry in the sun and then cut free. The toys are painted in bright colors with fast sections, and with eyes drawn on classical lines. So toys have a whimsical look that has existed for decades. Toys made in this way are generally familiar to children in everyday life or through stories, animals like oxen, tigers or elephants animals.

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A toy is common mache Pho Wa or Little Fat Boy, the favorite figure of a page to serve in the palace. Another popular toy is Pyit-mache Taing-Daung, or a knock-on toy egg-shaped with a smiling face and serene. This toy is weighted with the sludge attached to the inside of the base. And ‘fun for kids to roll them over and we are still standing.

myanmar handmade toysTo make wooden toys such as owls, the figures are carved from softwood and then covered with gold leaf. Aspects of cute face are drawn or painted on owls. These owls gold are the favorite not only children but also adults who proudly display in their living rooms. A variety of puppet strings in the manner of princes, princesses, royal officials and horses are also of wood as toys and souvenirs to tourists appreciative children.

Children of Myanmar also enjoy playing with small traditional instruments like drums, xylophones, flutes and clappers are made of wood, leather, metal or bamboo. These toys not only entertain children, but also help them develop their musical sense.

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Even children as kitchen utensils and miniature animals made of clay, baked and well painted or glazed. toys are ideal for children and especially girls quiet of nature, you can feed their desire for cleanliness.

Toys reminiscent of the era of the monarchy include helmets drywall, wooden swords and spears in pods and replica armor and weapons of ancient warriors. These are usually sold in pagoda festival and funfair.


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