Myanmar handicrafts to expand exports market

myanmar arts showcaseMyanmar Arts and Crafts show began in Yangon on Saturday, with the aim of expanding Myanmar handicrafts on local and international markets.

As a first step in the Association of Arts and Crafts trade, Myanmar Arts show organized for the first time this weekend in Yangon.

The exhibition aims to expand the craft of Myanmar on the international market.
PRESIDENT, MACA, THARDU: The purpose of this event is to help the arts and crafts enterprises to get people more interested, increasing participation at the local market and the development of the industry of arts and crafts. This is the first step of our organization to improve the image of crafts made in Myanmar in the international market.

More than 20 artists and craftsmen businesses and local artisans across the country exhibit their works of art at the event.

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President Thein Aung Than SIZE Ltd., MYINT SOE: I Amarapura, Mandalay. Our works exhibited here are made with wood waste. Although we have a place in the international market, we have some difficulties to export.

myanmar handicrafts showcaseExhibitors said they have some difficulties in technical requirements to compete in the international market.

MYANMAR SOUVENIR GALLERY, THEIN Thida: My products are silverware combined with traditional design gems were modernized. I am ready to enter the international market our silverware and I believe that the main obstacle to enter the international market is technology.

PUPPETS LAWKANAT THAT NEW: We made puppets for 30 years. Puppetry is very artistic and rare. I came to Mandalay to see our illustration.

In case, wood carvings, silverware, brass ware, ivory carvings and many works of art are displayed breathtaking.

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