Mural painting arts in Myanmar

myanmar mural painring artsThe importance of Bagan in Myanmar mural tradition is based on a single line. This painting, called oriental manufacture does not copy, but clearly expresses the moving image in a specific style with delicacy, vitality, grace, beauty and realistic action with simple paintings stable line. These tables have been developed in detail and were more expressive.

The realization of King Anawrahta (1044-1077 AD), Theravada Buddhism to promote thrive and grow and various crafts resulted in the murals found in the pagodas, meeting coordination and monasteries. The stone inscriptions recorded Bagan pagodas construction, interior walls, flaunting their fine and elegant paintings, and salary, paid artists.
The inner walls of pagodas of Bagan, meeting coordination and bricks were painted monasteries in the line covers single or double layers of drywall. The mixture of red earth with plaster was easily disintegrate.

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Mainly white, the black, yellow and red in the first paintings were used. Later, blue and green colors were added. Ocher yellow, ocher and straw (loud and clear) were common. The gum was also mixed colors for a quick and bile of animals for polishing. The color treatment formula is said to use chalk white, black crude oil and soot, yellow ocher yellow, indigo, red ocher and vermilion red, green vitriol etc. Besides Bagan stone inscriptions mentioned purchases of dyestuffs such as orpiment, realgar, etc. for use in the paint.

mural painting artsMost of Myanmar old paintings were found near Bagan, where pagodas, monasteries, meeting coordination are much higher than in other regions in Myanmar. Donor funds subsequent devotees have had the opportunity to enjoy paintings Bagan due to zeal and deep faith of many monarchs and Konbaung INWA dynasties came to Bagan and donated their religious merits if capital Bagan perished.

Dirt, decay, damage and smoke of the painting prevailed Bagan aging experience of nearly a thousand years, what is clear. Because of the golden lime washing and generous donors, some had lost their original meaning.

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While some paintings, culminating work, created by the vast imagination and skills were rotten. Most Bagan paintings still survive in the study and research.


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