Myanmar Worship

myanmar worshipEarly in the world of humanity had loved phenomena such as the sun, moon, water, fire and the gods of the forest, sea and mountain, snake and dragon, respectively, about fear and fear . Later, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam as religions have arisen among themselves faithful.

In the reign of King Anawrahta Bagan Theravada Tipitaka and provided by the King of Thahton Anawrahta using Shin Arahan. Mahayana Buddhism (Buddhism in northern India) was also widespread. Therefore Bagan paintings reflect Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Theravada Arahan Shin. Theravada Buddhism began to flourish due to the cooperation between the Shin Arahan and King Anawahta faithful and devoted people support Bagan.
So even a window was lucky enough to donate the construction of a pagoda in Bagan, where a saying: “The number of pagodas of Bagan can expect noise wheels of a trolley.” Following the generosity and knowledge of these religious monuments such as pagodas, stupas, caves and monasteries they were built. The ceiling and walls were filled and flooded with paintings of Buddha images, 550 Jataka stories images of gods and Brahmans, Bagan image of people, music and dance and animals with floral decorations. Manufacturing Jataka images in low relief on clay plates, stucco, added by murals on the walls and ceilings stupas, temples and monasteries narrative provided Pali, Mon and Myanmar literature are, we learned that the first attempts to make the teaching of Buddha easy to understand. These images are expressive and are ready for ordinary people to understand that reading the cards.

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The cover story of Buddha’s life a chapter in the painting of the Nativity, the victory over the Bodhi tree and the seat of gold, preaching the Falun, taming Nalagiri (the elephant), Nandaw Pananda (naga) and Alawaka (Ogre), etc. The images that illustrate the application of God to preach Mangala Sutta, Metta Sutta and the spectacle of the supernatural power of fire and water, were also added Devadatta poor attempt. Stories Prince Kusa, the Chaddanta and Mahasutasoma elephant had their own places in the paintings.

The Buddha’s teaching flourished, spread and survived until today, based on improving these ten traditional flowers of fine arts, painting and engraving, etc., according to Buddhist monuments such as stupas, pagodas, temples and monasteries in Bagan . Thus, the culture based on the teachings of Buddhism flourished develop.

These ten types of Myanmar traditional arts and crafts for decoration artistic as shoot, lotus leaves, other floral and lotus flower, symbol of victory were made, which means fresh, fresh and promising ways. As a glorious manifestation for the benefit of both land and religious life, egg, petals, leaves and branches of the symbolic lotus flower are widely and commonly used in the decoration of painting, printmaking, sculpture in stone and stucco Bagan. Floral gradually synonymous derivatives Kumudra lotus flower that was used in developing a method of the line before the plaster is dry, Bagan. The flower looks decend Kumudra floral, lotus flower Kunudara through time. It can be stated as a whole that Buddhism flourished and widespread with three Pitaka in Bagan. The present age has opened a correct and pure journey of faith and religion, as our ancestors have done your job Bagan. A good legacy for future generations is probably also the current generation that is dedicated to its historic task.

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