Old Bagan Life in Burma

bagan life

Today, Myanmar is recognized as the birthplace of Homo Sapiens, since the discovery of fossil ape Pondaung area of ​​Myanmar relevant to humanity by domestic and foreign researchers (40) million years ago.

The Anyarthian culture evolved along the banks of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar as top Magwe, Chauk, Yenanchaung and sale was found to prove robust to the flowering of the Paleolithic culture in Myanmar. Then again Neolithic culture found in the Padalin, Ywangan municipality and southern Shan State cave. The protohistórica culture that cameafter flowering of prehistoric cultural sites excavated ancient Pyu.

Period Bagan, Myanmar communal way of life is clearly seen in the frescoes, sculptures, stone carvings, stucco, terracotta plates and stone inscriptions in the pagoda, caves and monasteries dedication rooms.

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Bagan was frescoes represent and beautiful panoramic views of the city and villages, ceremonial events to be held at the Royal Court, the way to bring clothes and dresses worn Bagan people of different levels, activities of customs and social traditions. However, the frescoes of Bagan was Jatakas mostly depicting the story of Buddha’s life. Moreover, you may notice a variety of patterns that reflect different assets such as agriculture, fishing, etc. They also illustrate the social life that represent different social classes participating in the activities, transport by ship, sailboat, truck, sports like boxing and wrestling, the armed forces, as infantry, elephantry and horsemen, armed with weapons such as swords, spears, bows and arrows and shields. We have also heard from the people of Bagan paintings are experts in ten Myanmar traditional arts and crafts: black blacksmith, gold mine, copper mines, stucco, masonry caving, turning, painting, and making lacquer ware. Traditional crafts show the influence of religious education in religious people, the happy relationship between the ruler and his people because of the care and respect for the wives of their husbands. Rey hard ultimately, people can seek justice and equity complaints. Unity and linked to the people to work together and live a life of welfare cooperation. These are pictures of the communal life of Bagan period as shown in the paintings of Bagan.

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