Ananda Pagoda in Bagan

anada pagodaIt is said that everyone should visit Myanmar without visiting Bagan Ananda not be said to have visited Bagan.

Ananda Temple is like a museum. You can study all kinds of arts Myanmar here – architecture, stone carving, stucco, glass plates, tile, wood carving, art of blacksmithing, etc.

There are three different versions as regards the name of this temple.

1. When King asked eight Arahats Kyansittha (Santos) who will provide a design for the religious monument was about to build that created the image of Nanda Mula Cave Fair will be held in the Himalayas. Thus, the temple was built on the model of what the image and became known as “Nandamu”, undermining finally his “Ananda.
2. The Sanskrit word “Anand” means “beautiful”. The name “Ananda” should have been derived from the Sanskrit word. The temple is very beautiful.

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3. There is a Pali word “Ananta Panna”, which means “the infinite wisdom of the Buddha.” The Buddha Temple sym¬bolizes this attribute. So he called “Ananta Temple.”

You can not say for sure which version is correct because original stone inscription silence over his name. However, “Ananda” is the traditional name known to the people of Myanmar for generations.

Ananda Temple was built in 452 M. Koza Sakarit E (AD 1091) by King Kyansittha. It is also known as Hti Hlaing Shin. His title reign was “Tribuvanaditya Yaza Sri Dhamma”, which means “King of Righteousness, which shines like the sun in three worlds auspicious.”

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