Ancient Bagan Temple : Dhamayangyi

dhamayangyi temple“Magnitude is Dhamayan
Rise is Thatbyinnyu
Grace is ANANDA ”
Because this argument, it is known Dhammayan Gyi temple for her fans. A cave temple.

It is said that King Narathu built in AD1170 and fin ished within three years. King King only for three years. Seen from afar is the form of the Egyptian pyramid.

In the factory it resembles that of Ananda, which was built by his grandfather Real Kyansittha. It has two archways dedication circumambutatory and four rooms, each one of the four cardinal points. But for some of the season is not known, jumped into the hall, its inputs, and blocked the light wells. It is quite clear that the ban immediately after the completion of the temple because he found the bricks used in the structure and use it in the lock to be identical in size and texture. Turned addition applies to cement blocks and is applied to the walls of the structure to be of the same type and belonging to the same time.

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Some scientists assume that since the superstructure was very big, wide-ranging and heavier than the vaulted corridors and rooms under can not support the weight up for a long time. Even most of them had to be banned shortly after the completion of the structure.

Others believe that because of some of the treasures hid-den secretly inside blocked. Another theory advanced by some historians – was Narathu tyrant who committed many political assassinations, his father was old, his older brother Min Shin Saw, and his wife Queen Alaung a Sethu PE- Thida victims. After the construction of such a huge religious movement, sorry Narathu, Obssessed with their crimes and it comes with remorse, and blocked passageways inside, windows and light wells back down their sins.

The east side has a huge image of Buddha in a niche, and this side is open. Maybe not been banned Buddha IM- similar ages to the other three parties.

dhamayangyi temple dhamayangyi temple

A great feature of this temple is a wonderful technique to put a brick. Although the only mud mortar was used, it has survived a huge structure of several earthquakes in recent centuries because the best way to plant a brick. Placed very close to the brick and clean it looked as if they were one piece. Layers are not visible, it is said that even a needle can not pass. The same is true on the walls of brick FENC Ji.

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Cut sandstone wedge with scientific precision and yard carpenter and used in periods, arches, and the corners of the walls. In the four corners of the structure are the two bridge spans thick walls. In other bigtemples built by kings as Thatbyinnyu Pagan, Gawdaw Palin, Htilo Minlo and Pyatthada Paya, the same method in the construction and building bricks extended group was used. There used to be a polar plate halfway up the wall where you could walk because of some iron rods, stone blocks and slabs of stone and gaps remain to prove it.

There is a picture large stone Buddha steel in East Ebadi room. It was carved from one piece. In style and attitude similar to those pictures from time Anawrahta. A spiral staircase inside the cold. This leads to the upper floor.


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