Inn-daw-Gee Lake in upper Myanmar

urlInn-daw-gee Moenyin Lake is in town, Kachin State, Myanmar. Inn-daw-gee Lake is the largest inland lake not only in Myanmar but also in Southeast Asia. The extension of the lake is 8 miles across from east to west and 15 miles from north to south. The main dominant ethnic groups living around the lake are Kachin, Shan and.

There are about 20 villages around the lake. His main occupation is planting. Inn-daw-gee lake is in the area of ​​Inn-daw-gee Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary consists of about 300 square miles and contains a variety of rare animal species. It was established in 1999 with the goal of preserving the environment and wildlife.
Some species of endangered birds in the world can be found in this sanctuary. Some of these species are wild goose, Oriental Darter and cabochon. Visitors can take a walk around the lake engine for wetland species.

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