Sunset view in Bagan

bagan sunset viewBagan, Myanmar, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of idolatry, and sleep on the bank of the river plain on the banks of the Irrawaddy River and the site of thousands of Buddhist temples – the only evidence remaining from the booming economy of this city once great.
After a day, and you can explore Bagan leisurely pace, and visitors meander around the expansion area, taking in the architecture and atmosphere of this wonderful impact of ancient culture. But as night begins to fall and the decline of the day and the brutal heat, the area became the scene of a desperate struggle. People running to and fro, and taxis and tourists to patronize minbuses around, horse-drawn carriages and speed up the pace in an attempt to reach his goal, which is, of course, to find the perfect place to watch the sun’s rays.

“Secret” has a lot to learn about the main points of the sunset and Pyathadi Sulemani, so anyone who goes here at sunset to find the throttle these temples with people. The trick is to do some research during the daytime explorations, and find an alternative, a place where you can enjoy the sun in relative calm.

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