Mun Shwe-Set-Taw : Upper Myanmar Festival

Mun Shwe Set Taw Pagoda Festival

Mun Shwe-set-Taw Pagoda Festival is one of the most important celebrations in Upper Myanmar Pagoda. It was 36 steps from Magwe to Mun Shwe-set-Taw which is also known as a bridge Mun-Footprint merentasi Irrawaddy, Magwe. And people from all over the country to pay Pagoda Pagoda Haji but especially busy during the festival which runs from mid-February to mid-April. To enjoy Settaw Pagoda Shwe Mann celebration, if you come from lower Myanmar, please take the bike and go along Yangon-Pyay road-Pathein Monywa after graduation-Sat-Taw Pagoda Shwe Nawadae Bridge.At Munn, you will find out in September – Taw-Yar, trail master Buddha on the hill and the low-Set-Taw Yar, another Buddhist path at the foot of the same hill.
Menyeronokkan experience you get when you visit Mun Shwe Set-Taw bathing water fresh, clean and sparkling Mun Creek after you have a day of pilgrimage to the maximum. To go on a trip to Mun Shwe-set-Taw Pagoda Festival in central Myanmar are like an oasis in the arid zone, you will experience a feeling for the place. Which gives you up to the entire period of scorching heat and, at the same time, the experience of the pilgrimage to the shrine and Myanmar.

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