Bell of Dhammazedi :Largest Bell in Underwater

myanmar largest bellIn 1480 AD, Dhammazedi, Raja of Mon people in Myanmar has large cast bronze bell and given to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon (then known as Dagon). According to the text, at the time, the bell was cast by 180,000 VIES metals including gold, silver, copper and tin. (A metric ton is equivalent to about 600 VISS so the bell was cast out of about 300 tons of metal OL). According to the history of the Kings, it is the height of twelve feet long and eight feet wide is. At the same time, the king Dhammazedi have small bells weigh 500 VISS actor and offerings to the Buddha.

In 1583 Venetian traveler Gasparo Balbi visited Dagon pagoda Shwedagon ancient and described at length. The bell, he said; “I found in the room faire huge bell that we measured, and found seven steps and three widths of hand and is full of letters from top to bottom, but there is no country that can understand them.

With 1530 Mon king in decline and in 1535 Lower Burma become the object of Upper Burma. At the same time, traders and European adventurers began to make contacts in Lower Burma. Of the 1590, with the power of the kings of Upper Burma Portuguese adventurers, Filipe de Brito y Nicote, they have created a new commercial division in Myriam and in 1600 continued his authority across the river of Dagon and surrounding villages.

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raft in Pazundaung Creek and if it was drawn by elephants to the river. Bell and raft has been criticized for his first trip across the river to Thanlyn (Syria) from melted and turned into a gunboat.

In a meeting of New and Yangon River off what is now known as Monkey Point, raft broke up and went to th clock down, take a boat from Filipe de Brito with it.

All historical accounts confirm that the bell Dhammazedi Rangoon has never recovered until late 18008 and the top is still visible above water at low tide. Some witnesses have said today to be rowed to the site of the bell from their parents to see the maelstrom of water on submerged flared. The tidal bore in Rangoon measuring up to 20 feet.

A small bell, known as Bodawpaya, also taken from Shwedagon Pagoda with true British Awards in 1826 and lost in the river. However, it was abandoned by the British and restored by local residents and returned to the pagoda.

A documentary film about the search Dhammazedi Bell was released on VHS and DVD in the US and is currently the best selling books in hardcover and Master Diver Jim Blunt will release a book and some friends of the video for “Under the Sea Bell” soon.

A new website is designed to make a decision in three intensive rescue project that Jim is completing. The total worth 4230000 USD recovery. You will see the new state of the art remote sensing equipment.

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