Ngwe Saung Beach to upgrade

ngwe saung beachThe survey for the proposed development Ngwe Saung Beach in the area has been completed and a plan to Parliament, an official of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism is proposed.

“Planning is underway after the data collection and the duration of the project would be about 20 years. When planning which will be released to individuals and companies all ended. The achievement of an agreement between the companies and the government will be the first priority, “said a director of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

Ngwe Saung Beach between development projects necessary infrastructure, road transport, water supply, telecommunications, health care, education, museums, environmental protection, ports and airports will be included .
“We want to modernize the area because the area is visited by many tourists,” said the director.

The ministry says that implementation of the project, there will be no earth connection from the local population, before reaching an agreement on the price of land.

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U Kyaw Min Hlaing, deputy secretary of the Hoteliers Association Ngwe Saung said road transport is a major attraction for tourists from all over the region Ngwe Saung problem of Beach.

“The transportation methods used by the inhabitants are not very convenient for tourists,” he said.

Recently, people in the government and local staff and together began to clean the beach every week to maintain hygiene of the beach.

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