Myanmar Traditional Orchestra

myanmar traditional orchestraMyanmar Music account any “Pwe” may be rather strongly due western ears accustomed to enjoy.
There are seven to ten or more musical instruments as saing of waing. They are under Waing pat circle gong gong together, main drum, xylophone, oboe, flute, drum cases, cymbals and bamboo-clipper. The main instrument and possibly the handset to play is the drum circle ( PAT-Waing ). The circle of bronze gongs (waing0 kyay- are to the right of the pat waing. The entire gong ( Moung kyay ) has countersunk holes for hanging gongs. The xylophone ( Pattala ) is an instrument that consists of a series of Bamboo strips strung with ropes. The main drum ( ETAP ) is the size of the dragon beam. The obve as an instrument ( EDH ) is made of plum wood in the past, today are made of Accacia, you have a complete musical scale. The bamboo flute (Palwe) is mainly used in musical selections rural character. The dishes ( linguing ) is made with copper and lead of Singapore. It is manufactured in a bowl with broad wings and holes are made in the part above the lens through which the laces are attached and the instrument played with both hard by retaining cables. Regulates the rhythm of any song and dance. With razor bamboo regulates music. The instrumental players hit all the instruments of rhyme and rhythm So Waing saing Myanmar gives its listeners melodious and harmonious pleasure.

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  1. […] Shwe Doe Chi is one of the most popular forms of Burmese embroidery. Use cotton, colored son, beads and sequins. So once used to create garments for royalty and nobles now mass products for ordinary people and tourists. Always done manually by hand and you can see women produce work in factories and workshops across the country. Mandalay has many of them, with its royal past, as does Yangon. Yangon Bogyoke Market is a place to collect a tapestry.        5. Scarves and lungyis If you’ve admired the silk scarves and beautiful clothing colors of Burmese who would take their own. The traditional skirt, lungyi, used by men and women is available in several colors, tones and styles from around the country and are very comfortable and cool to wear. Relevant : Myanmar Traditional Orchestra […]


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