Myanmar Tatoo Arts

myanmar tatpp artsMonks and ancient kings and warriors to announce the status or ethnic symbols engraved on their skin. Today, over 700 years after the end of the Bagan Dynasty or the first Burmese empire, the most personal form of self-expression must be tattooed that are popular again with a display of many young Myanmar.

What society reacts to them as subjects and styles evolve. Tattoos often reflect a social scenario era. This call an artistic code, the body in a burned papyrus.

Millennium, in turn, only a few cultural vanguards sported tattoos. Today, the area in a variety, rich and poor, the young, the messages show the range.
Like most art, tattoo highlighting cultural battlefield. Myanmar modern gender tattoos are ripped the door open. Increase the number of women as defenders, the country could see men with consternation occasion.

Monks and kings

Ari Buddhism sect of historians and spells Tantra to know your practice in this country for a tattoo convention, planting dynasty (1287-849) to see what time.

Before the reign of King Anawrahta monks tattoo on his body, covered with a cabalistic class structure. This Come (Indra), Devas, ogre, Peacock, and eventually the rabbit was transformed.

Konbong dynasty, King Bodaw diet, aristocrats and nobles, commoners later flowed sported a tattoo of practice.

The first few days, two main aspects of Burma tattoo elephants and apes (monkeys) painted floral arabesques. The first is a picture of three kinds of mystic (occult) (God Ogre, Brahmi, and the person has supernatural powers). Other physical force or attraction, magic tried to capture the essence.

The tattoos on his face, and just below the summit and size have been inked.

Between ethnic groups in Myanmar, among women Chin “Pare” is well known and popular face tattoo.

The old days, Myanmar men to show his manhood had their tattoos. Today, tattoos are more messages to the outside view, love, or worship heroes to another statement: Celebrities, Rock Band or parents, love and the child’s name.


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