Myanmar arts and crafts blooming trade

myanmar arts and crafts blooming tradeReally dedicated followers of fashion, like me and perhaps you will understand accessories. A simply beautiful, without supplies, clothes are just not enough. Good taste requires more.

If you go a little further and insist that their daily fashion accessories are made with hand tools, so you and I can also rubbed on sunflowers involuntary Arts, organic dye and textile crafts shop.

For those who are behind the curve, the store is on the street 35, Kyauktada township, but moved to 54 Shan Gone, Myaynigone, Sanchaung township (there is nothing like the proximity of a concrete viaduct K17 billion new strengthened to enhance the subtle beauty of environmentally friendly products).
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Myanmar Worship

myanmar worshipEarly in the world of humanity had loved phenomena such as the sun, moon, water, fire and the gods of the forest, sea and mountain, snake and dragon, respectively, about fear and fear . Later, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam as religions have arisen among themselves faithful.

In the reign of King Anawrahta Bagan Theravada Tipitaka and provided by the King of Thahton Anawrahta using Shin Arahan. Mahayana Buddhism (Buddhism in northern India) was also widespread. Therefore Bagan paintings reflect Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism Theravada Arahan Shin. Theravada Buddhism began to flourish due to the cooperation between the Shin Arahan and King Anawahta faithful and devoted people support Bagan.
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Old Bagan Life in Burma

bagan life

Today, Myanmar is recognized as the birthplace of Homo Sapiens, since the discovery of fossil ape Pondaung area of ​​Myanmar relevant to humanity by domestic and foreign researchers (40) million years ago.

The Anyarthian culture evolved along the banks of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar as top Magwe, Chauk, Yenanchaung and sale was found to prove robust to the flowering of the Paleolithic culture in Myanmar. Then again Neolithic culture found in the Padalin, Ywangan municipality and southern Shan State cave. The protohistórica culture that cameRead More »

That Byin Nyu Temple in Bagan

that byin nyu templeThatbyinnyu was built by King Alaung Sithu in the year 1144. It is the tallest structure in Bagan. There is a traditional rhyme sung by people of Bagan, which says:

“Massiveness is Dhammayan Gyi, Sublimity is Thatbyinnyu, Grace is Ananda.”

Dhammayan Gyi temple is the largest massive size Thatbyinnyu is the highest height, and Ananda Temple is the most gracious with all the artistic decorations. Thatbyinnyu, from bottom to top is 201 feet high.
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Ananda Pagoda in Bagan

anada pagodaIt is said that everyone should visit Myanmar without visiting Bagan Ananda not be said to have visited Bagan.

Ananda Temple is like a museum. You can study all kinds of arts Myanmar here – architecture, stone carving, stucco, glass plates, tile, wood carving, art of blacksmithing, etc.

There are three different versions as regards the name of this temple.

1. When King asked eight Arahats Kyansittha (Santos) who will provide a design for the religious monument was about to build that created the image of Nanda Mula Cave Fair will be held in the Himalayas. Thus, the temple was built on the model of what the image and became known as “Nandamu”, undermining finally his “Ananda.
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Myanmar Buddha arts show in New York

myanmar artsMyanmar Buddhist art is the first Western exhibition focuses on works of art from collections in Myanmar. The exhibition consists of 70 works, including the spectacular stone, bronze and wood sculptures, textiles, paints, varnishes and ritual instruments of the fifth to the twentieth century. His works include objects created for temples, monasteries and personal devotion, which are presented in their historical and ritual contexts. The exhibition explores how the Buddhist story visually communicates and multiplicity of regional styles. Many of the works in the exhibition have not been shown outside Myanmar. The works are on loan from the National Museum of Myanmar in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw; Bagan Archaeological Museum; Archaeological museum and Sri Ksetra, Hmawza well as works from public and private collections in the United States.

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Monywa : A place you should go to visit in Myanmar

pagoda in monywaMonywa is located in Sagaing Division in Myanmar, and geographically northwest of Mandalay 136 km along the eastern bank of the Chindwin River. It will take 3 hours drive from Mandalay through Sagaing to arrive Monywa. There are many places to visit around the area and one of the many places of interest are Pho-Win-Dong mountain caves where visitors can observe the amazing paintings and mural paintings stone curves throughout the cave.
Through Mandalay Sagaing to arrive Monywa. There are many places to visit around the area and one of the many places of interest are Pho-Win-Dong mountain caves where visitors can observe the amazing paintings and mural paintings stone curves throughout the cave.

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Inn-daw-Gee Lake in upper Myanmar

urlInn-daw-gee Moenyin Lake is in town, Kachin State, Myanmar. Inn-daw-gee Lake is the largest inland lake not only in Myanmar but also in Southeast Asia. The extension of the lake is 8 miles across from east to west and 15 miles from north to south. The main dominant ethnic groups living around the lake are Kachin, Shan and.

There are about 20 villages around the lake. His main occupation is planting. Inn-daw-gee lake is in the area of ​​Inn-daw-gee Lake Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary consists of about 300 square miles and contains a variety of rare animal species. It was established in 1999 with the goal of preserving the environment and wildlife.
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Sunset view in Bagan

bagan sunset viewBagan, Myanmar, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of idolatry, and sleep on the bank of the river plain on the banks of the Irrawaddy River and the site of thousands of Buddhist temples – the only evidence remaining from the booming economy of this city once great.
After a day, and you can explore Bagan leisurely pace, and visitors meander around the expansion area, taking in the architecture and atmosphere of this wonderful impact of ancient culture. But as night begins to fall and the decline of the day and the brutal heat, the area became the scene of a desperate struggle. People running to and fro, and taxis and tourists to patronize minbuses around, horse-drawn carriages and speed up the pace in an attempt to reach his goal, which is, of course, to find the perfect place to watch the sun’s rays.

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