Myanmar Traditional Wedding

myanmar traditional weddingBurmese traditional folklore considers love to be the target, such as the type destiny Hindu god Brahma in love to a child when he or she is six days old, called Na-Hpuza ( Qupid ). A wedding in Burma can be religious or secular, extravagant or simple. Traditionally, a marriage is recognized with or without ceremony when longyi man hanging from a rail of the house or if the couple eating the same dish looks like. Gifts are usually unknown, and arranged marriage is not a custom of Burmese.

Weddings are traditionally avoided during the Buddhist Lent, which lasts three months from July to October.
In general, Buddhist monks are not present to perform the marriage and formalize the marriage because they are denied a marriage officer, who is considered a trivial matter. However, they may be invited to bless the newly married couple and recite a Paritta protection. Usually the bride and groom host a party of alms to monks in the marriage morning to have merit.

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A more extravagant wedding requires months of preparation, including consultation with an astrologer to choose the best time and the start of the event. In addition, a master of ceremonies, usually a Brahmin, is hired to preside over the ceremony. The bride and groom are sitting on the seats next to each other. At the beginning of marriage, the Brahmin blowing a conch shell to start the ceremony and joined the palms of the partner, wrapped in a white sheet, and dipped his hands in a silver bowl. The Burmese word “marry” Htat, which literally means “to join the palms together” is left. After singing a few mantras in Sanskrit, palms together Brahman leads the couple cup and blowing conch at the end of the ceremony. Then artists performed, and the marriage ends with a speech by the guest of a higher social status. Wedding reception in a hotel, serving tea and ice are common in urban areas.


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