Myanmar Ancient Rare Stone Carving

myanmar stone carvingA collection of informative articles on rare Myanmar stone carving and stone sculptures Pala Andagu and stone sculptures of black slate. Andagu stone is defined in the dictionary as dolomite.

Most scenes carved in stone that traditionally representing scenes from the life story of the Buddha. The scenes may vary from one to 16. The scenes depicted mostly in Kapilavatthu Nativity. Enlightenment in Bodhgaya with the central figure of standing or sitting Buddha. The first sermon near Benares (average, on the left) and large twin miracles in Savatthi, (level middle right). Andagu These stones are believed to be the relics were enshrined in stupas, those who survived are in very good condition.

Although I do not have the experience to date, the pieces of andagu I have to, I think are very old and maybe go back to the 12th to 13th century.


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