Inle Lake View

iStock_000018785367Large_lGebEVhoTfAt an altitude of just over 800 meters, the lake is one of the most unique ecosystems in Myanmar (Burma), playing at home species of mollusks and fish that can not be found anywhere else in the world . However, Inle Lake, not just about the creatures that live there.

Its waters are the lifeblood of four major cities and countless villages that are scattered around its edge. The nutrient-rich waters support various agricultural operations, from rice to fruit and vegetables, a significant amount of which are grown in water, using herbs and bamboo platforms to create floating gardens.
It also hosts the Daw Oo Pagoda Festival Phaung, one of the largest Buddhist festivals in Myanmar.

CRW_4518_uzpxhBNcwkThe different peoples living around the lake have also developed a rather unique method of crossing the waters of Inle. The fertile lake often results in the proliferation of unwanted weeds such as water hyacinth, and to see over the curtain of greenery, rowers paddle attach a leg, allowing them to propel the boat upright.

Unusual nature of Inle led it to become a popular tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike, attracting the construction of hotels and guest houses nearby. Inle Lake is easily accessible by domestic flights from Yangon.

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