Myanmar arts and crafts trading

blooming-trade-in-myanmar-arts-and-crafts--1Really dedicated followers of fashion, like me and perhaps you will understand accessories. A simply beautiful, without supplies, clothing is just not enough. Good taste requires more. If you go a little further and insist that their daily fashion accessories are made with tools in hand, then you and I can also rubbed on sunflowers involuntary Arts, organic dye and textile shop Crafts.

For those who are behind the curve, the store is on the street 35, Kyauktada township, but moved to 54 rue Shan Gone, Myaynigone, Sanchaung city (there is nothing like the proximity of a new concrete viaduct K17 billion strengthened to enhance the subtle beauty products environmentally friendly).

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Naturally, the store is located under the wing of sunflower Social Enterprise Group, led by Maung Thein artists (Pathein) and Chaw Ei Thein as an art gallery and studio classes since 1994. But traditional textiles, natural color and accessories Knitting schtick started last year.

gallery-2“Our shop covers the issues of recycling and natural materials. We took our environment that is useful, and should not be abandoned,” Chaw Ei Thein said. “Everything has beauty. All we have to do is see that beauty and use it in a proper place.”

So here there is a hand soap, cleaning your shower creams face or distillates tomatoes or cucumbers, or aloe vera and whatever. Again, weaving, handicraft accessories, postcards, colored products recycled reborn as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, shoes and traditional natural dyes fabrics, including cottons, silks and Lotus produced and designed by rural women and NGOs improve education seriously and fight for the rights of older and disabled people.

“We demand from the market, but we still face difficulties in production. We are working on it, with rural weavers,” Chaw Ei Thein My promises.

Some products can have grapefruit souvenir shops Sunflowers, Thiripyitsaya Yangon and Narita airports, and Osaka and art @ apt in New York. See you there, sweets.

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