Big Reclining Buddha Statue

reclining-buddha2Sens Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha image, the image of Buddha lying down six floors. The reclining Buddha here is one of the largest pictures of Myanmar. The original image was built in 1907. However damage he suffered because of the climate over the years. In 1957, it was demolished and rebuilt to this structure in 1966. The pagoda is Shwegondine Rd, a short distance beyond the Shwedagon Pagoda. This reclining Buddha image is similar to the reclining Buddha Bago.

Image has an enigmatic smile on her delicate lips. It is one of the largest image of Myanmar and famous for the 108 trademarks or distinctive signs on the soles of both feet huge. Each brand describes the Buddha’s life before he became enlightened. There are many monasteries around the expanded image.


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