Maha Myat-Mu-Ni Pagoda Festival

maha myat-mu-niThe festival falls on the day of the full moon Thabodwe. This festival usually lasts two days. Sticky rice (which is a delicacy) contests are also held on the pagoda platform. A variety of incense sticks are burnt for the Myanmar Buddha Image on the day of the full moon. During this festival thousands of people across the country make the pilgrimage to the Mahamuni Pagoda. The temple is always the center of activities and during this festival it explodes with energy.Locals from near and far come to pay homage and respect to the Buddha image and enjoy the party. Many vendors sell Thanakha, Myanmar made toys, Mandalay food and much more. It is very crowded in the complex of the pagoda.

maha myat mu ni pagoda maha myat mu ni

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