7 Places you should visit in Myanmar

 Don’t miss these 7 places when you come to visit Myanmar,


shwedagon pagoda at yangonThe former capital, and remains the largest city of Myanmar (Burma), Yangon is a heady mix of colonial, commercial and spiritual. Feast your eyes on the amazing Shwedagon Pagoda; feed their habit of shopping in the great variety of traditional arts and crafts of Myanmar; enjoy a warm welcome by the inhabitants Longyi resistant. Yangon is in the far south. Chances are, you will start here.


pagoda in mandalay

Written and performed by many Western artists, Mandalay is a fascinating city and culturally diverse. It is the center of the upper part of Myanmar and its focal point is the spectacular Royal Palace. It should also explore the many pagodas and temples that attract pilgrims from around the world. Mandalay is also well located to visit the great wilderness areas in the north.
baganThe ancient city of Bagan is a must for amateur archaeologists, but is also a winner if you are a fan of bright and beautiful sunsets serious temples, preferably at the same time. Bagan has the highest concentration of temples in the country; sawing bell horizon leaves visitors breathless.
Kyite-Htee-Yoo Pagoda
kyite htee yoo pagodaThe Golden Rock is a show that attracts and even surprising turns people on a regular basis. It is a small pagoda perched on top of a huge rock, which in turn sat on the edge of a cliff in the south of the country. The secret of its success to defy gravity? It is guaranteed by a hair of Buddha. Amazing. A must see.
Inle Lake
inle lake
At an altitude of 880 meters (2900 feet), the shallow freshwater lake in Shan State is the highest in Myanmar. Ecosystems and traditional culture of its surrounding communities are very popular with tourists. The best time to visit is September / October, when Daw U Festival Hpaung and Thadingyug occur.
Mount Popa
mount popa
Near Bagan in central Myanmar, Mount Popa is an extinct volcano rising to over 1500 meters (nearly 5,000 feet) above the level of the sea. The monastery near Taung Kalat, which is in its own plug outcrop Vocanic, is also a big draw. Visitors climb 700 steps up barefoot to see sanctuaries and a monastery, often accompanied by the monkeys along the way.
Beach Ngapali
nga pa li
Probably the best known beach of Myanmar (for now), Ngapali is located in the Bay of Bengal, just 45 minutes flight from Yangon. With its miles of white sand, turquoise waters and green palm trees, constantly slips into the ranks of the best beaches in the world of fashion, and is served by a number of interesting resources. Book early to reserve your place in heaven.

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