Myanmar Traditional Pa-O Dancing

Pa-O traditional dancingMyanmar’s northern region is home to a number of national groups in the country: Bamar, Shan, Intha, Danu, Pa-O and others, each with its own culture and language, but they all live in harmony. Besides Inthas, the Pa-O are the second group was the Inn region.

This is the traditional Pa-O dance performed by a large group of beautiful young girls Pa-O. The dance represents the various activities (slope) that producers begin planting their tasks. The words of the song and dance are: Come, come, young boys and girls:

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myanmar pa-o dancingThe mind does not, the field has to travel: uphill or down, or along steep slopes!
Do not mind the time, either: Rain or shine!
We will be our task to take care of our cultures.
We will put in all that we can.
Let everyone involved with the company.
We work so that our crops will be green and lush.

So we work there will be a rich harvest share.
Come; we will create a happy world for all of us!

Search ladies wear dark dresses. They are made of hand-woven woven on a loom back fabric. — And look your smooth and fair complexion!

And last but not least, watch their graceful movements and swaying to the rhythm of enchanting music to represent an aspect of the work culture Pa-O.

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