Gold Leaf Beating in Myanmar

myanmar gold leaf beatGolden leaves are widely sold in the famous pagodas gild the image of Buddha with gold leaf in Myanmar. This is the tradition of Myanmar for meritorious acts. These gold leaves were originally made in Mandalay. Politicians gold leaf Mandalay are concentrated in the southeast of the city, near the intersection of 36th and 78th Saints. Golden leaves are beaten in pieces of thin gauze cut into squares and are sold in packs of devotees to be used for images of golden stupas or even complete. Typical square gold leaf measures only 0.000127 cm thinner than the ink on the printed page. An image of Buddha or stupas with Golden bread brings great credit for the gilder, so there is a steady growth in gold leaf on many images in Myanmar.

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Myanmar Traditional Wedding

myanmar traditional weddingBurmese traditional folklore considers love to be the target, such as the type destiny Hindu god Brahma in love to a child when he or she is six days old, called Na-Hpuza ( Qupid ). A wedding in Burma can be religious or secular, extravagant or simple. Traditionally, a marriage is recognized with or without ceremony when longyi man hanging from a rail of the house or if the couple eating the same dish looks like. Gifts are usually unknown, and arranged marriage is not a custom of Burmese.

Weddings are traditionally avoided during the Buddhist Lent, which lasts three months from July to October.
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Myanmar Ancient Rare Stone Carving

myanmar stone carvingA collection of informative articles on rare Myanmar stone carving and stone sculptures Pala Andagu and stone sculptures of black slate. Andagu stone is defined in the dictionary as dolomite.

Most scenes carved in stone that traditionally representing scenes from the life story of the Buddha. The scenes may vary from one to 16. The scenes depicted mostly in Kapilavatthu Nativity. Enlightenment in Bodhgaya with the central figure of standing or sitting Buddha. The first sermon near Benares (average, on the left) and large twin miracles in Savatthi, (level middle right). Andagu These stones are believed to be the relics were enshrined in stupas, those who survived are in very good condition.

Although I do not have the experience to date, the pieces of andagu I have to, I think are very old and maybe go back to the 12th to 13th century.

Bagan : The ancient city of Myanmar

baganBagan with more than 2000 temples and pagodas in northern Myanmar and can be visited throughout the year because there is no real rainy season.

Bagan with its pagodas and temples dating back over 1500 years of history, is the most fascinating place for visitors and organize your trip by car, horse transport or their own on a bike. You can also enjoy a boat trip to the idyllic sunset on the Irrawaddy River to watch the sunset over Bagan.

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Inle Lake View

iStock_000018785367Large_lGebEVhoTfAt an altitude of just over 800 meters, the lake is one of the most unique ecosystems in Myanmar (Burma), playing at home species of mollusks and fish that can not be found anywhere else in the world . However, Inle Lake, not just about the creatures that live there.

Its waters are the lifeblood of four major cities and countless villages that are scattered around its edge. The nutrient-rich waters support various agricultural operations, from rice to fruit and vegetables, a significant amount of which are grown in water, using herbs and bamboo platforms to create floating gardens.
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Myanmar arts and crafts trading

blooming-trade-in-myanmar-arts-and-crafts--1Really dedicated followers of fashion, like me and perhaps you will understand accessories. A simply beautiful, without supplies, clothing is just not enough. Good taste requires more. If you go a little further and insist that their daily fashion accessories are made with tools in hand, then you and I can also rubbed on sunflowers involuntary Arts, organic dye and textile shop Crafts.

For those who are behind the curve, the store is on the street 35, Kyauktada township, but moved to 54 rue Shan Gone, Myaynigone, Sanchaung city (there is nothing like the proximity of a new concrete viaduct K17 billion strengthened to enhance the subtle beauty products environmentally friendly).
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Inscribe in palm leave

palm leave inscriptionMyanmars ancient documents written on slabs of sandstone and bronze. Gold plated. palm leaves and parabaik or writing tablet paper. fabric or metal recording accordion folds.Palm leaves are usually made in Corypha palm leaf with the stylus. Palm leaf entries are made in Corypha palm leaf punch or palm leaves is more common.Read More »

Throne of Myanmar King

myanmar throneThe 180-year-old Sihasana Pallanka (Great Lion Throne) was exhibited in the Lion Throne Hall. Surrounding were all together 8 miniature replica models of the Thrones used by the Myanmar Kings in ancient times.
:: Sihasana Pallanka
(Lion Throne)

:: Hamsasana Pallanka
(Hamsa Throne)

:: Gijasana Pallanka
(Elephant Throne)

:: Mayurasana Pallanka
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Big Reclining Buddha Statue

reclining-buddha2Sens Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha image, the image of Buddha lying down six floors. The reclining Buddha here is one of the largest pictures of Myanmar. The original image was built in 1907. However damage he suffered because of the climate over the years. In 1957, it was demolished and rebuilt to this structure in 1966. The pagoda is Shwegondine Rd, a short distance beyond the Shwedagon Pagoda. This reclining Buddha image is similar to the reclining Buddha Bago.

Image has an enigmatic smile on her delicate lips. It is one of theRead More »

Naga Traditional Supplies

naga supplyThe Naga consider ancestors, surname and age are important factors in their society participation.

They are well known for tradition and head hunting sacrifices for the good harvest.

Handmade weapons used to hunt their prey and cut valuable parts of their prey, such as jaws, teeth, horn, etc …
Some weapons and other accessories of the Nagas are used occasionally, now preserved in a tribal museum.
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