Myanmar Nation Shan Traditional Novitiate Ceremony

myanmar traditional novitiateMyanmar is known as the land of festivals. Each month, different types of Buddhist ceremonies are held. These festivals represent pious and generosity of the people of Myanmar. Noviciation ceremonies, which usually take place during the summer, steps in style with the traditional customs in the country. In northern Shan State, Noviciation traditional Buddhist ceremony is held for 5-7 days. According to custom, the age of the novices-to-be are so aged 9-16 years. Novices-to-be dress like a princess and are carried in processions around the city every day for the ceremony. In towns and villages, noviciation traditional ceremonies take place in the community.

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myanmar novitiate little boyEach learner-be-two boys and two girls. And a married couple in search of him. With parents, guardians are responsible for him during the rookie. It shows the intimacy and unity in the community, which brings joy and happiness. The last rookie duration hood 7 or 9 days. If they get more holidays and free time, the hood rookie lasts longer. During the days of ceremony, the shelter is busy by day and night. The success of the ceremony and the generosity of the host is made in a song. And the traditional song of honor breath in the air.

No novitiation day buzz. All parents, including novices-to-be, parents, guardians of the novices-to-be and guests are dressed for the occasion carrying various kinds of alms, and a parade through the city. The procession satisfies all.

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