How they build Buddhist Monastery

golden palace monasteryAt the time of Myanmar monarch until 1885, the donor will have to apply directly to the monarch’s permission for the new building of the monastery. The king granted the building after an investigation into the monk who accept new monastery with regard to their level of education in the Buddha’s teaching and moral probity and head of a religious order. Permission was granted in accordance with customary rules and regulations, restrictions and limitations.
If new monastery was for the monk who had the perfect education in teaching and Buddha practice providing 4 inputs and 4 main steps to be mounted on two types of building were large monastery and great functionality similar to Zay-Ta Wun Buddha monastery existed in the time of life and the other was the construction of the prototype of the prince of royal crown.

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If new monastery was for the monk who is also a regional chief monk, the monastery was given decorative device mounted in a vertical row leaves all foundation floor of the monastery. The regional position and assistant head monk had the privilege to use palanquin gold umbrella and a white writing tablet made of palm leaves (Parabaik). During those ancient times, there are cases of death penalty decided by the royal authorities and the monks are moving are able to request to donate the lives of prisoners does not kill but it is very strange story because you must have a reason not to be punished.

If a new monastery was for the monk who had no proper education in the teaching of the Buddha and became a monk in old age after his retirement from national issues that provide a main entrance and a staircase to be assembled in the small building regardless of the loan donor to donate large quantities.

This is one reason among monks to distinguish the level of education and moral teaching and practice of the Buddha, so the monks could pay to each other based on their life devoted to Buddhism.

There were rules and regulations for regular donors a new monastery.

If a donor was not of royal and royal family, such as mayors, ministers and rich people classified, the size of the authorities agreed with the monk monastery level, but does not allow decorative sculptures and other ornaments intervening structure between successive phases ceilings.

shwe kyaung daw gyiSale building monastery is considered as an example; Sale monastery has 4 Royal stairs type of construction. In our story, crown princes used to donate his house in the royal palace monk composed his master when they reach the supreme power of the country. Thus, some of the donors to build a monastery as a prototype of the royal house of crown prince.

King granted a building permit in a written scripture white tablet made of palm leaves.

Sa-donor Monastery is U Bo Kyi, a rich business man and import export gazetted, so was allowed to decorate the sculptures and other decorations to intervene between the structure of the successive phases in the ceilings main building, a sculpture also in the railing posts wooden sculpture. With this authorization, the teak wood belonging to the King can be cut free to build the monastery.

If the wood teak overbuilding when monastery is completed, the donor can build more buildings or add more decorative sculpture on the grounds of excessive teak wood, it will not be in vain that it is a path that leads to disobedience Order Rey. In times of 17th century Nyaun-Yan, a donor was punished by flogging to build the largest monastery of assigning permissions.

Similarly, each level of farm royal heir Prince ordinary people to build in license design. Among the mayors, some elephant mayor can use to travel and some were allowed to use only horse depends on its power. If a mayor who was not allowed to use a portico built elephant approaching a size elephant is the very dangerous situations if the king realized. In short, the monasteries and lay houses were of different size, design and level. There are some models of the monastery are contrary to the way the point of view of natural science, even today.

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