Kachin Manaw Festival in Myanmar

kachin manaw festivalKachin people are called Manaw Festival Ceremonies. There are several types of Manaw Ceremony and dance takes place only five most important occasions.
1. To celebrate the victory in the war.
2. Gather the clans to meet and settle accounts, make plans for the future.
3. To commemorate the death of an elder.
4. To an opening.
5. To attract good fortune for new farmland and agriculture.

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kachin manaw festival dancing groundManaw ceremonies are very expensive as all are invited. The parties need months of preparation to ensure adequate food for customers. Dishes include buffalo meat, pork or boar, beef, chicken, rice and pots and pots of rice wine. Today, the Manaw festival is held for the New Year or a good harvest or the unity of the various tribes and clans come together to celebrate and dance together.
At a party, thousands of people of all peoples of the region will present their finest tribal attire. In the complex Manaw, high totem traditional patterns painted in the red tower, black and white on the dancers. A huge long drum and a brass gong before them two essential instruments to

kachin manaw festivalcrush the ball. Young people meet and fall in love at the ball, but is nothing like that comes to mind when hearing the word. This is a group of soft, slow dance, without ever touching the fingertips. Girls and boys waving handkerchiefs may be allowed to keep the other corner: it can not be closer than that. Women wear skirts and red jackets Jingpaw black velvet hung with silver heads. Their silver dresses finely manufactured and passed from one generation to another.

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